Pete Rogers

Welban House
Humber Bank West
New Holland
North Lincolnshire
DN19 7RY

T: 01469 530992

I work mainly in stainless steel creating sculptures large and small for indoors and outdoors. A lot of my work is kinetic and some of this is operated by water. A recently installed water wheel is driven by the  over-flow from our borehole and lifts water to a pond higher up – ( a Noria).

Directions: Welban House is on the river bank, down a little track – find your way to the New Holland by-pass, and look out for the Insight signs.  Go down next to ‘NHBS Shed 5’ and follow the track round.  BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN CROSSING THE RAILWAY LINE! Follow round the lake (doesn’t it sound enticing!) and you will see the house.

Nearby Places of Interest: Climb onto the river bank and admire the view of the Humber Bridge and the City of Hull safely out of reach.

Visitor Comments

There is always something new when we come here

Price Range: £20 – £10,000