3 Orb Lane
North Lincolnshire
DN15 8QY

T: 01724 863492
M: 07871 201912
E: v.a.markham@hotmail.co.uk
W: Etsy: Silver Orb

Hand crafted and bespoke silver and gemstone jewellery. My pieces mainly focus around the individual beauty of the stones or fossils I use, with the silverwork highlighting their forms and colours. My techniques often are quite organic in nature, giving each piece a uniqueness which is completely bespoke.

I’ve been a treasure explorer since a child, collecting stones, shells and unusual bits left behind; being transformed through time. I love trying to understand its personal history. My initial career in archaeology expressed this passion but eventually I wanted to create these treasures myself.

Directions: Off Normanby Road heading towards Burton upon Stather


Price Range £10 – £200